Welcome to the new Sarvatra CardSafe Application. With this application Bank customers control card related activities including Green PIN.

click here download app

click here download app

CardSafe app from playstore on registered mobile number.


When customer opens CardSafe app 1st time, following window appears. Kindly enter mobile number registered with bank. Tick on I agree with terms and conditions and click on Next. It is necessary that card holder should have correct mobile number to be link with card.


User will receive OTP on his/her register mobile number for account registration in CardSafe. Click on Enter Manually. User needs to enter OTP and then needs to set 4 digit password with the reconfirmation once confirm he has to click on Done.

Set application password and click on Done. It will set CardSafe application password. Password should not be generic e.g. 1234.


After clicking on done cardsafe application will get redirected to enter password screen. Enter app password which you have set.


After entering correct password, user can able to see his/her card details which are mapped to his registered mobile number. If multiple cards are mapped to one mobile number, thent user can select required card by swiping card which is on topmost part of cardsafe app. In CardSafe application following

features are made available –

1)Changing card status as enable or

disable for ATM/POS/ECOM transaction. 2)Setting daily transaction limit for

ATM/POS/ECOM transaction.

3)Setting ATM card PIN.

After clicking on card status edit button, following screen will appear.

User can enable/disable ATM, E-COM, POS transactions for selected card. In bellow screen ATM transaction are blocked.

After pressing Confirm button, SMS will be generated on registered mobile number.

After changing status of any type of transaction (ATM, POS, E-COM), CardSafe application ask user for Cancel or Confirm.

After clicking on Confirm status will get change i.e. disable or enable and message will be displayed accordingly.

After clicking on confirm button, CardSafe will show E-COM transaction status as blocked and SMS will be generated on registered mobile number.

If user want to enable ECOM transaction, then he needs to set ECOM transaction status as enable again. CardSafe will ask user for enable confirmation. After confirmation, ECOM transaction will be enabled for selected card and SMS will be generated on registered mobile number.


After clicking on set daily limit edit button, following window will appear. Card holder can change daily limit for ATM, POS and ECOM daily transaction limit. This limit can’t be more than bank limit.

After editing transaction limit, user needs to press Confirm button. If you select Confirm, then new limit will get set. If you click on Cancel, then old limit will be continued.

After confirmation, SMS will be generated on registered mobile number.


After clicking on Set PIN in CardSafe, following screen appears. User need to enter account number, card expiry month and year and CVV value. The expiry month and year is present on front side of card and CVV is available on back side of card.

After clicking on Generate OTP, application will generate OTP and same will be send on register mobile number. Card holder needs to enter OTP, and ATM transaction PIN which want to set with confirmation PIN and click on Set PIN.

After PIN set successfully, user receives new pin set successful notification on screen. User needs to▸ use newly set pin for ATM transactions.